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Capacity building

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Capacity building

Do more and better with the people you have. Build capacity to support your future plans.

Employee / firm capacity building

Human resource requirements have changed. More than ever, the difference between being just good enough and high-performing businesses is the people. This is particularly true in high-growth businesses. Business partners and customers rightly expect higher standards at recruitment, more investment in training and development, and a broader understanding of what customers want. All this means greater competition for the right recruits.


People at all levels can use a fresh pair of eyes to give a new perspective on the challenges of business. Formal and informal mentoring programmes can be created to give the right amount of flexible support. Particular focus in needed as when middle managers transition into senior management roles and senior managers transition into company executive and board positions.


When businesses develop and change, people are often left behind. Based on hands-on experience, ffdl can advise and support with development programmes to avoid this happening.


One of the greatest challenges in the workplace is attracting and retaining the broadest range of talent. Businesses need to undertake a wide range of actions to remove the barriers to recruitment and retention of the best people.