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ffdl provides focused support for businesses when and how they need it.

Automotive business development

ffdl has its origins and much of its current activity in the automotive sector – from support services to factory to distribution and retailing. As well as diverse, board level operational experience, ffdl has a strong research and development focus which brings new ideas and processes to our clients.


ffdl provides structured and non-structured consultancy. This could be short-term support to tackle immediate business challenges or longer-term strategic help in exploring new strategic options and ideas.

Strategic advice

Strategy Day facilitation

Company boards and senior managers should spend time away to review their organization’s past performance and discuss its future challenges and opportunities.

ffdl has developed the “VOSO” model. VOSO is a simple but complete model designed to quickly build business, organization and market understanding. This frees up time for structured discussion on the resources and actions needed to deliver improved performance.

VOSO assists in breaking down any barriers between executive and non-executive directors through clear explanation of the operational and commercial challenges.

VOSO can be used in any size organization but is particularly suited to SMEs, high growth businesses, transitional / recovery businesses and those in rapidly evolving markets.

Strategic Business planning

A good business plan should be a document that any team member or business partner can read and understand. It should contain the “story” of the business for the previous years and where the owners want to take the business in the coming years.

ffdl uses unique business planning processes and tools to tell the story accurately. Business planning is more than putting numbers in a spreadsheet once a year. Thorough business planning is about:

  • understanding stresses and strains on current resources, particularly cashflow
  • planning for growth and future capital requirements
  • strategies for increasing margins
  • capacity planning for physical premises
  • developing staff and succession planning, particularly for skilled technical roles and line management