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Innovative and focused business support

Welcome to ffdl. We provide focused business support to investors and other participants in the Automotive sector and rapid growth economies.

Developed markets – “fewer, bigger, better”

In developed markets, automotive retailers and investors are in the middle stage of a long-term period of major change. Manufacturers have concluded that customers are best served by “fewer, bigger, better” dealerships that fully represent all aspects of their brand. Advice and support is based on relevant hands-on operational experience gained in both retailers and distributors, including strategic decision-making at a senior level. ffdl aims to demonstrate why and how particular strategies work, (and others don’t).

ffdl has a research interest in how automotive brands and retailers reach markets in major cities, where property costs are high and options are limited, using hub and spoke distribution models.

High growth markets – R&D for innovators

For developing markets, ffdl is active in researching emerging consumer demand and exploring new commercial models with a particularly focus on the Automotive and Road Transport sectors.

Our services and understanding of new markets is based on hands-on experience of building an export-led SME from scratch in challenging and complex markets.